Analysis of a crypto project with Twitter. Who to pay attention to?

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6 min readOct 11, 2022


In this article we will discuss why you should pay attention to Twitter followers at all and what followers you should pay attention to.

So, why should you pay attention to Twitter followers when analyzing a crypto project? It happens because Twitter shows us real people or real companies that have shown their interest by subscribing to a project we analyze. Especially if they are influential people, at least in the sphere of the crypto market.

Just because of simple logic, serious people will not subscribe to scam projects because they value their reputation and know tens or hundreds of thousands of people are following them.

To understand this, let’s give an example: the president of a large country, let’s say with an official Twitter account, will he sign up for a financial pyramid scheme, like MMM? I think you understand that no. But he can subscribe, for example, to the account of the central bank of his country or accounts of similar organizations, which, in theory, are not supposed to harm the citizens of this country.

But of course, there can be different situations from which no one is immune and people can get hurt, even from the central bank of their country.

Therefore, analysis of Twitter followers is only one of the puzzles of general analysis of a crypto project, but no less important and necessary.

Let’s move on to my table, in which I have collected the most interesting people for the crypto industry, as well as funds, projects and organizations. As usual, you can download it in my Telegram channel.

The table has six tabs, they are foundations, projects, persons, organizations, crypto companies and methodology. Each of these tabs will highlight people or organizations that you can subscribe to on your Twitter.

All members of the table, are color-coded: green is the highest interest, orange is medium interest and yellow is not high interest. This division is my subjective opinion, and you may not agree with it.

Let’s start in order, with the first tab — funds. Here we already know the funds and their employees. In my analysis I paid my attention to the following factors:

  • The success and importance of the person or fund to the crypto market
  • His position
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • As well as who in the crypto industry is subscribed to this person

These are the main factors I used to identify the most and least important persons. But in any case, the more people from this list are subscribed to the project, the better. This will prevent us from scam projects.

Next, let’s move on to the projects tab. Here I marked the most interesting projects from Coinmarketcap top 1000 in my opinion. As you can notice these projects are not so many, taking into account exchanges tokens there are about a hundred pieces. And most of them are in the top 200 of the list. And the total number of crypto projects on Coinmarketcap, as of the end of August 2022, is about twenty one thousand.

From which we can conclude that more than 99% of projects in the market will not succeed or will go down. And in order not to get into such a project, you and I carry out this analysis.

Also here I have highlighted the most interesting projects, in my opinion, which are under development or launch.

All projects are highlighted here in yellow, because I believe that the presence in the subscribers of any project is not so important, but it is a small plus for the analyzed object.

Next, let’s move on to the tab of persons. Here I highlighted founders and developers of many successful crypto projects. Of course, the list is far from complete, but I tried to reflect the most significant figures that I follow. In addition to developers, there are investors, bankers, directors of large real sector organizations.

The gradation is also based on the importance of the figure for the crypto industry. In this regard, for example, I have Elon Musk highlighted in yellow. This is due to the fact that he is a prominent entrepreneur in the real sector, not in the crypto sphere. In the crypto market, he manipulates people into dog coins, and to me, that’s an indicator that his main goal is to make money off of you and me. And our goal is not to fall for these tricks.

A person who has an audience of millions can easily manipulate it for his own purposes, on any asset, and when something goes wrong, he will simply say: sorry, I invested like you and it was our common risks, nobody is insured from that.

And this concerns not only Elon Musk, but any such person, especially a media person, with a large audience. Therefore, I put minimal interest to such people in the analysis.

What cannot be said, for example, about Vitalik Buterin, the founder and developer of Ethereum. He will not trade his reputation for some fleeting earnings. That’s why he gets the most interest.

Next, let’s move on to the organizations tab. Here is a small list of large organizations and several funds, which I also divided by importance to the crypto market.

The next tab is crypto companies. These are companies that operate entirely in the crypto sphere, serving it. We are most interested in the development teams, they are highlighted in orange and the company Circle, which produces USDC stablcoin.

In yellow, there are different platforms, wallets, exchangers that we can use in the process of our crypto activity. In my opinion, they are not that important, but a small plus can be put.

And the last tab, this is the methodology.

There is no clear evaluation methodology here. For example, I have given one of the options for evaluating a project in each category. But here you need to look at the sum of all factors.

Additionally I want to note that you should also pay attention to the following parameters for more objectivity of the Twitter analysis:

  • date of account creation
  • total number of followers
  • account activity
  • and activity of subscribers

For example, if a project has been created not so long ago and is a year or less old, then of course a Twitter account can be several months old. But if the project is really significant, even in this case, our colored followers will subscribe to it. And this is the most important factor. And the more of them, the better.

You also need to pay attention to the posts. Only promoted posts or posts with some kind of hype information can be active. Ordinary posts may not gather even five likes. This parameter will show us the real engagement of the project’s audience and the addiction of subscribers.

The best variant is when the project has tens of thousands of followers and above, a lot of our colored subscribers, including green ones, and most of the posts, over the past months, have consistently gathered, for example, 200 likes and retweets or more. For such a Twitter, you can give it three points.

But there can also be such a variant that the project will have a weak page and, for example, one of our green subscribers. Of course, we cannot give such a project three points. We can give one point and take the project under our close attention. Most likely, in a few months the situation will change a lot and the page of this project will be much more successful.

But in any case, the most important criterion is our colored subscribers. The more meaningful subscribers, the better.

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